The CustoMy Space tool allows you to plan your bathroom online according to your wishes and requirements in simple steps. Enjoy your masterpiece in 360◦ and even VR setting at your own home.

For Designers

As a professional, we know you need more than just resources and floor plans. Set your eyes on the full range of applications and services the tool offers.

Key Functions

  • User-friendly Drawing Tool achieves VR-enabled 360° images
  • Contains full content for American Standard and many other real interior design features
  • Offers unlimited design proposals and renderings in minutes
  • Designer Platform lets designers draw and share design inspirations


  • Creates 3D designs for the whole house efficiently and timely
  • With VR goggle, it aids in finalizing design concept where consumers can experience in 360° panorama
  • Free access to a complete database makes it faster and easier for users to find their desired 2D and 3D molds for design creation
  • Save rendering time and cost
  • Designers can share their designs, exchange pointers, learn from others, and keep themselves updated

Start using now!


Watch step by step video on how to design your masterpiece with CustoMy Space

Create your own room design from scratch

Create room designs using pre-designed templates, saving you time and effort.