Heralding A New Era

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Borne from a medley of geometrial shapes, pillowed surfaces and defined edges, the Signature Collection is a modern showcase of the brand’s three design Signature elements: Frame, Pillow and Line.

A culmination of Frame and Pillow forms Superellipse, a geometric element that extends throughout the entire collection from basins, faucets, vanities, toilets to shower fittings.




Pure Simplicity
Of Form

The iconic geometrical shape translates elegantly into soft curves of the Signature Collection. This design is as much as a breakthrough as an engineering marvel.


Soft Minimalism

Experience the true engineering superiority of Signature Collection. With smooth curved joints and seamless finishing, there is no compromise on design and functionality.


Form And

Signature Toilet embodies the essence of functionality and simplicity of form. Soft-touch push button and CrystaSleek toilet seat and cover for that sleek look. And HygieneClean System to keep your toilet safe, clean and stain-free with Double Vortex flushing, Hygiene Rim, ComfortClean and Aqua Ceramic.


HygieneClean System

Take hygiene to the next level. We promise - no dirt, no stains, no bacteria. With HygieneClean technologies and innovation, you can put your mind at ease.


Double Vortex Flushing System

The rimless design is engineered to prevent the accumulation of dirt, germs and bacteria for better hygiene and ease of cleaning. Our innovative Double Vortex Flushing System utilizes 2 openings for water to create a strong whirlpool around the bowl, effectively removing heavy and light wastes.

Hygiene Rim Tech

Hygiene Rim offers easy maintenance in 1 wipe with maximum flushing through Double Vortex technology.



Aqua Ceramic

This award-winning super-hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces. Dirt glides off the surface effortlessly as Aqua Ceramic enables water to penetrate between the contaminants and the toilet surface, effectively guaranteeing that waste is lifted off with every flush.



A revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that effectively inhibits the growth of E.coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl for the long term and beyond, as proven in tests conducted by Industrial Microbiological Services Limited (IMSL).



Evolving from this design fundamental, we incorporated user-centric technologies and features into the collection for the ultimate comfort experience. With Comfort Angle and ComfortMove, you can expect smooth and precise handle movement. Each piece, meticulously hand-polished to perfection to complete the look.