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Making the world a better place, one toilet at a time

Having a clean, hygienic and safe toilet doesn’t mean that it has to be high maintenance.

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The restroom is one of the most important and visited facility in a building - be it an office, retail mall or commercial property. However, it is also probably the one that often gets overlooked a lot.

After all, this is a place where people only visit out of necessity and the encounter is often fleeting. However, it is also one of the places that leaves a lasting impression – good or bad. And it could also very well determine if there is going to be a next visit to the mall or building.

In the past two years, the pandemic has made everyone even more aware of the importance of hygiene. A clean, tidy, and pleasant toilet tells a visitor that they have come to the right place to buy their groceries or to hold an important business meeting.

With that in mind, it bears asking, how does one go about sprucing up the toilet we either currently have or planning to build in future?

Immediately, two factors come to mind – a toilet needs to be easy to clean and maintain, and it has to help keep out common germs.

Not every toilet is built the same, so what makes up a perfect toilet? Here are a few features to look out for:

1. Flushing Technology

The first thing we often notice is the flushing action, arguably the most important task for a toilet bowl.

Unlike traditional washdowns, the American Standard toilet features either the Double Vortex™ or the SiphonMax™ flushing system. The Double Vortex™ flushing technology uses two water ejection holes to create a vortex of water that effectively washes away waste while minimizing water usage. The SiphonMax™ features a dynamic vacuum mechanism and an additional lower jet to remove both light and heavy waste.

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2. The Rim

A conventional toilet usually features a box rim which can invite dirt and bacteria to be trapped in hard-to-reach surfaces. Solutions such as the Hygiene Rim™ and Power Rim™ design in American Standard toilets are truly rimless, making it easy to be cleaned with just a single wipe.

3. Coatings

Having the right material on the toilet bowl’s surface is important as it can ease the maintenance process and can make a difference in the long run.

Ceramics, for instance, are typically coated with advance technology to make maintenance a breeze and even enhance the level of hygiene in the bathroom. Such an example would be the Aqua Ceramic™ coating by American Standard. Highly hydrophilic, it keeps out dirt and prevents water stain from building up.

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4. Anti-Bacteria

Toilet bowls today can help keep out bacteria on their own. For example, the ComfortClean™ anti-bacterial glaze featured on American Standard toilets, contains zinc oxide, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth.

This glaze is fired into the ceramic at more than 1,000°C for long-lasting protection. With bacteria kept out, you also get rid of the accompanying odour.

A clean, hygienic and safe bathroom

To be sure, there’s still no getting away with constant maintenance to make the toilet a pleasant place to visit. However, these innovations help make that task much easier. And a clean, hygienic, and safe bathroom reflects the importance your business attaches to the sanitation and safety of people working at and visiting your property, especially in this new normal.

And it sure does help that the toilets in your premises are always ready to make a good impression.

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